What people are saying about Holistic Nourishment:

Thank you again so much.  I have seen a lot of doctors and done a lot of online health counseling in the last 2 years and this was by far the best appointment I have ever had.  I feel like I have so many things to move forward with that really resonate with me.  I am so glad that I found you!” ~Jenny H.


“I have worked with Katherine for 4+ months and I have nothing but great things to say about her.  When I started working with her, I had lot of pain in my hand and foot joints because of RA and I was overweight. But more importantly, it felt like I had lost confidence in getting better and I was struggling to find a way. From the very first meeting, I found that Katherine was prepared with approach to heal me and she was helpful and full of information. Throughout my 4 months of working with her, she was awesome! She is very knowledgeable and has lot of informational material. She was responsive and would answer my queries through emails immediately or provide me lot of reading material when requested. She also would explain reason behind all the changes that she was asking for me to make. All this (on top of us meeting every two or so weeks) made it easier to make better food choices and stick to it. At the end of 4 months, I not only felt 100% better but I dropped close to 20lbs. I feel that she has given a solid nutrition baseline that worked and was customized for me. I will forever be thankful to her for helping me feel better and guiding me through the journey. I highly recommend working with her.” ~Smita K.


“I was out of shape, not exercising nor drinking water and I had some digestive issues.  I achieved my goals through the knowledge and support from Katherine.  I learned that I can be healthy and have more energy by not eating the foods I was previously eating. I learned that we are what we eat.  I learned that real food is so much better than the chemicals I was ingesting prior.  I learned that good nutrition is a lifelong commitment so worth sticking to! I enjoyed the distance sessions because it was more eco friendly.  No cars involved.  I benefitted immensely from our discussions and my follow up emails.  It was nice to have encouragement that was in writing so I could refer back to it. Katherine has been exactly what I needed when I needed it.  I am so happy with my progress and I feel empowered to move forward on my nutritional journey.  I feel I wouldn’t be this healthy without her guidance and support.” ~ Tammy D. 


“The 7-Day Detox Program offered by nutritionist Katherine Leonard at Holistic-Nourishment is an amazing experience.  At first, I was doubtful of the results of the detox program.  Would the 7-day detox program really jump start my weight loss?  Would the program cleanse, refresh, and reset my body?  Would eliminating meat, dairy, coffee, sugar, alcohol, and wheat products reduce inflammation, improve liver function, lower blood pressure, and reduce the toxins in my body?  After having completed the program, I would say that the answer is “YES, absolutely!”  I was excited to start the program, and I was determined to complete the full 7-day detox series.  With the menus planned out in advance, and with all the fruits, and vegetables purchased and chopped, I was ready to start.  I found the green smoothies delicious and felt they really gave me a boost to start my day.  The varieties of recipes provided by Katherine were interesting and delicious.  By the end of the 7th day, I felt I had established new healthy eating habits, and I felt a strong desire to continue with my new plant-based diet.  I felt vivacious and energetic and looked forward to encouraging others to engage in a new and healthier lifestyle.  As a result of Katherine’s expertise, knowledge in holistic nutrition, encouragement, and confidentiality, I’ve become more aware of the variety of nutritional foods available to eat.  I must say that Katherine Leonard is a driving force in my new and exciting healthy eating habits.  I highly recommend Katherine and her 7 Day Detox Program! Take the next step – You will feel better too!” ~ Elizabeth S.


“Katherine saved my pregnancy! Two months ago I gave birth to a healthy baby girl that I was able to carry full term. She is my third baby and the first I was able to carry to full gestation, and I owe it all to Katherine.  My first two pregnancies were a nightmare because of health related complications. I came to Katherine during my third pregnancy wanting to be healthier for several reasons and I knew Katherine would be able to help me achieve my health goals.
My prior pregnancies I suffered from gestational diabetes and high blood pressure which turned into Preeclampsia resulting in delivery of both babies early via emergency Caesarean.  My girl was born on her due date and at a healthier weight than my boys. I recovered very quickly this time too. My quick recovery was even noticed by the nurses.  My doctor even mentioned to me that my delivery was the “cleanest” delivery she had ever seen in her 15 plus years of practice. There were many more similar comments made to me about my delivery and recovery by a handful of nurses. But that was just the icing on the cake, with the help of Katherine, I was able lose weight during my last trimester.  I have been able to continue exceeding my health goals with Katherine’s guidance and very satisfied with my success. Katherine has a vastly expanded knowledge of everything nutrition. She is professional, compassionate, caring, and has a wealth of information. Katherine is experienced and knows what she’s talking about. And most of all, she is always reachable (whenever I have a question or concern) and cares deeply about the success of all her patients because it’s her success too!”  ~ Janina B.


“Katherine has been such an inspiration for us! We came to her desperate for good nutritional advice that would actually help us lose weight and reduce our sugar/carb cravings.  We have tried all the fad diets, but none of them worked for us.  Katherine educated us on the importance of an organic, whole-foods diet, helped us identify obstacles that were preventing us from reaching our goals, and designed a weight-loss program that actually helped us lose weight!  It was so encouraging to know that when we had a question outside of our sessions (and boy did we have a lot of them!), we could just call or email Katherine and she got back to us right away!   Now when our friends compliment us on our looks, we steer them over to Katherine at Holistic Nourishment!” ~ Ana and Alan R.


“I came to Holistic Nourishment seeking advice for better digestion and overall wellness support. Katherine recommended I eliminate dairy and wheat from my diet and gave me some digestive enzymes and probiotics.  Within 5 days I could feel the results!  It’s been about 3 months now since my first appointment and I can’t believe the transformation!  I’ve lost weight, my gas, bloating, and constipation are gone, and I don’t even crave wheat anymore.  I’m so thankful for the great results!  ~ Nina M.


“I found Holistic Nourishment when Katherine was still a M.S. student.  I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information and her alternative perspective towards health.  She taught me how nutrition is not just about what you eat but about how you treat your body.  I now appreciate the ability of food to support wellness.  She helped me lose weight, have more energy, and improve my blood sugar levels.  I am now less worried about costly medical bills and prescriptions! Thank you for all your guidance and support.” ~ John E.


“Katherine Leonard is exceptional at what she does. I consulted her to help me lose weight and she recommended I do a detox. I have not only lost weight but feel better than I have in years. I have worked with nutritionists in the past, but Katherine by far, has been the best. She is supportive and extremely knowledgable. If you’re thinking about hiring a nutritionist for your health and wellness goals, I would highly recommend Katherine at Holistic Nourishment!” ~ Stan V.


“I had this itchy, red rash on my hands and felt generally sick all over.  For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  Katherine at Holistic Nourishment taught me about the harmful chemicals put in commercial brand soaps and shampoos as well as the toxic chemicals in tap water.  Changing my hand soap and buying a water filter was all I needed to take care of my main health concerns.  It was so easy! Just a couple simple suggestions improved my skin and energy levels so that I was motivated to continue making small lifestyle changes and I keep feeling better and better! I never thought a little information and direction was all I needed to drastically improve my mood and attitude towards my health!” ~ Josh G.